Because we now have a Storm Water Utility Fee, will my property tax decrease?
No. In the past, some of the storm water related activities now being funded by the Storm Water Utility were supported by the City’s General Fund. Although the City’s storm water needs have increased substantially over the past several years, there has been no increase in the City’s millage rate to address these needs. While certain costs have been shifted to the Storm Water Utility, the City itself is now subject to the same “impervious area” based utility fee as the rest of our Storm Water Utility customers.

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1. Because we now have a Storm Water Utility Fee, will my property tax decrease?
2. Can you provide me with information on storm water service costs for previous fiscal years?
3. Shouldn’t the majority of the burden of this cost now be borne by the new development areas within Tega Cay?
4. How are non-residential properties assessed their Storm Water Utility fee?
5. Why are you charging me for storm water services, when this is usually linked to water utilities in most communities?
6. Why is a 1700 sq. ft. single family residence on ¼ acre lot with mature landscaping charged the same as a 4,000 sq. ft. residence with little to no landscaping?
7. Do the more recently developed areas of the City create greater storm water burdens than other areas?
8. Does this yearly fee need to be paid in one lump sum or can it be paid with our monthly service over time?
9. Does this new fee have anything to do with my current monthly water/sewer bill? If I have automatic draft for my water bill, will this be drafted as well?
10. Am I allowed to tie my landscape drainage into the storm drain that is at the street in front of my home?