Adult Sports

The City of Tega Cay offers adult sports for ages 21 and up. Men's Softball, Women's Softball and Adult Kickball will have a fall and spring league. The fall season typically begins in August and will run through November while the spring season typically goes from March until June. All participants are registered through team sign ups.  Fall Registration runs June 1 through August 1, Spring Registration runs December 1st through February 1st. For more information on the adult sports please contact Andrew Raad
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Spring 2019 Regular Season

Adult Coed Kickball (Updated May 28th)
Men's Softball (Updated May 13th)
Women's Softball (Updated May 29th)

Spring 2019 Tournaments

Adult Coed Kickball D1  (Updated May 28th)
Adult Coed Kickball D2  (Updated May 28th)
Adult Coed Kickball D3  (Updates May 28th)
Men's Softball (Updated May 23rd)
Women's Softball (Updated June 10th)