Compliments and Complaints


The Tega Cay Police Department strives for our officers and staff to provide excellent service. There is no greater compliment for them than to be recognized for their service by a citizen. If you would like to commend an officer or staff member, please do so here.  Let us know what they did to assist you. Depending on the circumstances surrounding the event or incident the employee's action will be considered and evaluated when deciding what level of recognition they will receive. In all cases the officer and their supervisor will be notified regarding the commendation received. The Chief of Police will also receive the information and it will be placed it in the officer's personnel file. The Chief of Police will also notify the citizen that their commendation was received and what action was take in regard to the receiving officer/staff member.


The public has the right to expect efficient, fair and impartial law enforcement. Therefore, any misconduct by a Tega Cay Police Department employee will be thoroughly investigated and properly adjudicated to assure the maintenance of these qualities.

If you wish to file a complaint against any officer of this department, please visit the Police Department located at 7705 Tega Cay Drive and speak with a supervisor or the Professional Standards Officer. If you are unable to come to the Police Department and feel that you need to speak with a supervisor immediately, call (803) 548-0340 so that we can assist you.

Information regarding the complaint can submitted on this form to us via email or by dropping it off at the Police Department. This information will be filed with the Professional Standards Officer. Once the PSO has the form, they will investigate the matter fully and notify you of their findings.