City Council

Tega Cay is governed by a Mayor and City Council who are elected by the people of the City. All positions are elected as at-large seats. Council members serve a four year staggered term. It is the responsibility of the City Council to guide the City to meet the stategic vision of the City, through the passage of Ordinances and Resolutions. The City of Tega Cay is run by a Council/Manager form of government.

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David O'Neal, Mayor
(803) 517-2732 | (803) 548-3512
Term Expires: January 2022

Heather Overman, Councilmember
(704) 617-1656
Term Expires: January 2022
Ryan Richard, Councilmember
(337) 540-1299
Term Expires: January 2020
Alicia Dasch, Councilmember
(803) 548-3512
Term Expires: January 2022