Tega Cay Titans

What is Titans Baseball?

Titans Baseball is set up to provide an alternative to "travel baseball" by providing tournament experience to teams made up of players that play at the local area associations. Tega Cay will be fielding teams for the 10U, 11U, 12U and 13U age groups. The age is determined by the player's age as of 4/30/2023. There will be a tryout and players will have the opportunity to be selected to play on the appropriate team based on performance at tryouts and/or the coach's prior knowledge of the player's skills. Please note that the number of players that tryout at each level will directly impact the team selection process.

Practices - Practices are typically held one weeknight evening and one weekend day that the teams are not playing in a tournament. These days/times are team specific.

Tournaments - Tournaments typically consist of Sunday Only tournaments (2 games per team), but there is also an opportunity for teams to participate in full weekend tournaments as well (4 games minimum per team on Sat/Sun). Over the course of the Fall Season, the team will participate in a minimum of 4 tournaments. It is also possible for teams to participate in additional tournaments based on availability, cost and interest from parents.

Cos- The cost for Titans Baseball varies based on the number of tournaments played, and organizations that your team plays tournaments with. Generally, this cost can range is between $300 and $600 dollars. The cost covers uniforms (hat and jersey only) and a minimum of 4 tournaments including registration fees associated with the tournaments. Also, guaranteed field time at Tega Cay facilities for practices. The teams are responsible for admission fees that are charged either per person, or per team by the Host Park location.

This is not a Tega Cay fee, but a Park fee, like other local parks charge. Typical $5 to $10 per person depending on age (child/adult/senior).

Tryouts - Tryouts are mandatory* and will take place prior to the start of the Spring and Fall season. Loation/Dates/Times will be announced on the website.

  1. Tega Cay Titans Teams

Fall Titans Tryouts and Contacts

10U Titans: 
Contacts- Joe Reilly (
jrlefty13@gmail.com) & Joe Traub (jtrb1515@gmail.com)
Date- 7/22 & 8/12    Start Time- 9:30 AM-11:00 AM (7/22/23)    Field#- Runde Little League Field

11U Titans: 
Contacts- Jason Espinosa (espinosa976@yahoo.com)
Date-  7/22 & 8/12      Start Time- 11:00 AM-12:30 PM (7/22/23)    Field#- Runde Little League Field       

12U Titans:
Contacts- Derek Schorsch (
derekschorsch@aol.com) & Eric Rumberger (eric.rumberger@CohnReznick.com
Date-  7/22 & 8/12      Start Time- 12:30 PM-2:00 PM (7/22/23)    Field#- Runde Little League Field 

13U Titans:
Contacts- Chris Ricci (urbana84@outlook.com)
Date-  7/22 & 8/12      Start Time- 2:00 PM-3:30 PM (7/22/23)    Field#- Runde Little League Field  

*If an interested player is unable to make the scheduled tryout, they must contact the coach for their age group to arrange a one-on-one assessment.

Tega Cay Baseball Coordinator & Titans Commissioner:

Jimmy Reeves