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Water, Sewer and Trash Application

  1. 7725 Tega Cay Drive, Tega Cay, SC 29708

    (TEL) 803.548.3514   (FAX)  803.548.1400


  2. Administration Fee:  $100

    Activation Fee:  $50

  3. Landlord Name:

  4. Would you like to receive your bill via email*

    If yes, you agree to receive your monthly utility bill via email in lieu of a physical paper bill.  You are agreeing to pay your monthly bill regardless of your receipt of the paperless bill as the City cannot be responsible for spam filters or changes in email address

  5. This is a contractual agreement. The consumer hereby acknowledges and agrees to the conditions of services herin

    This agreement, when executed, shall become a contract under which the consumer agrees to pay for all services in accordance with the most current published rate schedules and service regulations of the City of Tega Cay on file at City Hall. Any personally identifiable information obtained by the City of Tega Cay for the purposes of Tega Cay Utility Service shall be kept in accordance with The Privacy Act of 1974 5 U.S.C. § 552a (As Amended). 

    The City has the right to have its authorized representatives enter upon the premises of the consumer for the purpose of reading meters, inspecting, repairing, or removing its property.  The City reserves the right to discontinue service and remove its apparatus from the premises of the consumer in case of violation of any service regulations or failure to make proper payment.

    The City maintains the right to discontinue the supply of water due to necessary repairs, want of supply, or other emergencies.

     It is the responsibility of the consumer to assure all faucets are in the off position, on the date of turn on, and will not hold the city responsible for any water damages thereof.  It is the responsibility of the applicant to notify the City of Tega Cay when the account is to be taken out of the applicant’s name.


    An administrative fee ($100.00) and activation fee ($50.00) will be required of the consumer upon the submittal of this service agreement.  The administrative fee will be applied to the finalization upon proper termination of contract, assuming that all bills have been paid, or credited to your account after two years of outstanding credit with the City.


    Returned Checks

    If a check is returned to the City of Tega Cay as a result of non-sufficient funds (NSF), account closed, or for any other reason, the City shall charge a $25 returned check fee. Returned checks must be repaid by certified funds (cash, money order, cashier’s check, or credit card). A personal check will not be accepted as a repayment for a returned check.

    In the event an individual(s), business or other entity makes two payments for which the checks are returned to the City, the City will no longer accept a check from the individual(s), business or entity.   Notations to this effect will be placed on the account.

    By signing this application for water and sewer service, the applicant agrees to pay all costs of collection if the applicant’s bills are unpaid.  The City of Tega Cay has the right pursuant to the South Carolina Setoff Debt Collection Act to collect any sum due and owed by the applicant through offset of the applicant’s state income tax refund.  If the City of Tega Cay chooses to pursue debts owed by applicant through the Setoff Debt Collection Program, the applicant agrees to pay all fees and costs incurred through the collection process, including fees charged by the Department of Revenue, the South Carolina Association of Counties, the Municipal Association of South Carolina, and/or the City of Tega Cay.  If the City of Tega Cay chooses to pursue debts in a manner other than the Setoff Debt Collection Program, the applicant agrees to pay the cost and fees associated with the selected manner as well. 

  6. Electronic Signature*

    By selecting the "I Accept" button, and typing your name above, you are signing this Agreement electronically. You agree your electronic signature is the legal equivalent of your manual signature on this Application. By selecting "I Accept" you attest that the information you have provided above to be true and accurate. You further agree that you/your company is doing, or will be doing business, in the City of Tega Cay and as such will abide by all applicable rules, regulations, and laws as set forth by the City of Tega Cay and the State of South Carolina

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