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2022 4th of July Boat Parade Registration

  1. 2022 City of Tega Cay Boat Parade Registration Form
  2. NO CHARGE TO PARTICIPATE!!! Land Parade Registration Deadline: June 15th, 2022

    If you or your organization would like to participate in Tega Cay’s 4th of July Boat Parade scheduled on Friday, July 1st, 2022 please complete and submit the following registration form. A notification will be emailed to confirm receipt. For additional information visit or contact Kaity Brzostowicz,, 803-548-3512.

  3. Type of Entry*

    Check the level of participation and provide a brief description below about your entry for the parade announcer.


    The purpose of the Tega Cay 4th of July Boat Parade is to celebrate the City of Tega Cay’s incorporation and the birth of our great Country. It is not to raise awareness for any causes or political opinions, regardless of what they may be.  By checking the box below and submitting this application, I, and all other participants included with my entry, AGREE, UNDERSTAND and WILL ABIDE BY the following:

    • All participants with my entry will not distribute any literature, information or any other items (including candy) to spectators during boat parade activities.
    • All participants with my entry will remain on my boat at all times during the parade.
    • All participants with my entry will not participate in any advocacy during the parade.
    • All participants with my entry will not cause any delays or disturbances during the parade.
    • Any signs/banners used will include only the name, contact information and/or logo of my entry and that such signage must be affixed to my boat.  Such signage shall be no larger than 3’ X 5’ in size. 
    • No divisive language or hate speech.
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