Curbside Recycling in Tega Cay

The City of Tega Cay are fortunate to have single stream recycling for their residential curbside pick up. This system includes the mixed recycling of all paper and cardboard fibers, plastic containers marked #1 - #7, certain metals and glass containers in 1 bin. Sorting and separating of these co-mingled items takes place at a Charlotte materials recovery facility, Sonoco Recycling, Inc. After Signature Waste trucks pick up recyclables from residences, they transport them to this large recycling facility. Sonoco is one of the world's largest recyclers, collecting more than 3.5 million tons per year of various grades of paper, plastic, cardboard, metal and other materials.

Letterhead, forms, writing & drawing paper
Copy paper
Colored paper
Computer printouts (no carbon)
Note pad paper, Post-it notes
Magazines, brochures & catalogs
Envelopes (windowed & non-windowed)
File folders, business cards & index cards
Invoices and register tape roll paper

CARDBOARD (flattened & placed in cart)
Corrugated cardboard
Unwaxed cardboard
Juice boxes and milk cartons
Food boxes, tissue boxes, etc.

Plastic bottles (take off lids and recycle lids as well)
Milk jugs and detergent bottles
Cooking oil containers (emptied)
Yogurt, margarine or cottage cheese containers
Cartons and trays from microwavable meals
Take-out containers (plastic, not Styrofoam)


Glass bottles, jugs and jars, all colors
Take lids off and recycle as well
(No need to take labels off containers)

Aluminum cans
Meal cans (soup, tuna, etc)
Aerosol cans (emptied)

Hard and soft covered books
Styrofoam (including egg cartons and meat trays)
Metal binder clips
Self-carbonized paper
Cellophane and Shrink Wrap
Typewriter ribbons
Bubble wrap and peanut packaging
Sticky tape and adhesive Labels
Kleenex tissue
Paper towels
Food Scraps and wrappers
Plastic Bags*
Boil-in-bag pouches
SOLO cups
CDs or CD cases
Soiled pizza boxes (you can recycle the unsoiled portion)
Rubber hoses
Rubber tires
*Plastic bags, grocery bags, clean cellophane, bread bags, plastic packaging can be taken to local retail and grocery store plastic bag recycle bins.