FMHS Senior Celebrations

Senior Recognition Displays

Purpose: To give members of the senior class the opportunity to celebrate all they have accomplished in the classroom and/or athletically. This program was developed by Spencer Evans, a member of the Fort Mill High School (FMHS) Class of 2020, because he and his classmates are unfortunately missing out on the best part of their senior year. While this program can’t replace the experience of senior prom, spirit weeks, senior recognition night on a ball field or graduation, it will give the community the opportunity to help celebrate all that the seniors have accomplished.

Time Period: May 1 - May 31


  1. Displays can be no larger than 32 sq. ft. (4’ x 8’ generally) and cannot extended vertically more than 10’ from ground
  2. Displays may only be installed on private property and must be a minimum of 5’ from the edge of the road in places where there are no sidewalks. If a sidewalk exists, displays must be a minimum of 2’ behind the sidewalk.
  3. Displays must be positive in nature and must be about the senior (academic achievements, athletic achievements, philanthropic deeds/works, etc.).
  4. Displays that are deemed vulgar or offensive by the City will be required to be removed. Displays that make derogatory remarks about another person/place/institution will also be required to be removed.
  5. Displays should not have any flashing lights but may include ground mounted spot lights that shine directly on the display to illuminate it at night so long as the lights are turned off no later than 11 pm.
  6. Displays should be securely mounted and made of material suitable for being exposed to the elements (sun, rain, wind). Any displays found to be in disarray must be fixed or removed immediately.
  7. Any display deemed to be hazardous will be required to be altered or removed.

Note from the City of Tega Cay: We are excited about being included in this program that one of our own helped create. The City encourages seniors to display their athletic banners, show their FMHS pride, show where they will be going off to college, highlight their academic success, etc. We want you to be creative and make this a celebration about the great things you have accomplished. We encourage you to make the displays yourself, but you are not prohibited from having a display done professionally if you so choose.  We would like to have photos of all displays emailed to Joseph Shook, our Communication Director, at by Wednesday, May 13. That will give us the opportunity to share those photos on our various social media and communication platforms so that the entire area has the opportunity to help celebrate you.