Garbage and Recycling FAQs

What changes are happening to recycling?
Changes globally really started to occur in 2017, but didn't hit Tega Cay until summer of 2018.  That's when we notified you that glass could not be placed in the roll cart.  Then in December 2018 we notified you that plastics and aluminum could no longer be put in your roll cart.  This was all do to the fact that the markets for co-mingled glass and plastics have basically become non-existent.  This led to the recycling processing center used by Signature Waste eliminating those as accepted materials.  Councilmember Heather Overman and City Manager Charlie Funderburk have explained all the details in an interview that can be viewed here.

Recycling contamination is not only a problem for Tega Cay but nationwide. This video highlights the issues we are facing globally and how they affect us here. You will continue to see updates as the markets continue to change. 

What can be recycled now? 
Recycling is important.  We encourage you to continue to recycle.  This is a fluid topic right now, and better days are ahead.  For the time being, paper, paperboard (like cereal boxes and pasta boxes) and corrugated cardboard. For a visual, see here.  DO NOT BAG YOUR RECYCLABLE ITEMS (in your roll cart or at the Convenience Center).

What is the City doing to resolve this issue?
City Council and City staff have been working hard on a long-term solution.  We hope to be able to announce in the near future that recycling has become convenient again and you will be able to put aluminum and plastics back in your roll cart.  In the coming weeks, we hope to have a container located at our Public Works facility off of Tega Cay Dr. for your sorted glass.

Can we cancel our Signature Waste contract? 
No. The expiration date for this contract is September 30, 2022. The City cannot terminate the contract unless the company fails to provide the services specified in the contract and recycling is not part of this contract. 

Can we lower the trash fee if we eliminate the recycling service? 
No, there is not a fee for recycling. We only pay a fee for trash collection.

Where Can I Recycle Glass, Plastic, Aluminum, and Steel?
Although the recycling processing facility that Signature Waste currently uses no longer accepts glass, plastics, aluminum, or steel cans, you can still take these items to the Baxter Recycling Center located 1731 Highway 160 Fort Mill, SC.  They are open 7 am - 7 pm Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, closed on Wednesday and Sunday. They also take aluminum cans but we encourage you to bring these to Fire Station 2 where proceeds benefit MUSC's Children's Burn Unit.

Most updated Recycle Flyer
View it here

How do I get a new sticker for my recycling bin?
Call Signature Waste at 704-714-9400 and they will open a service ticket to replace your sticker on your bin at no cost.

What happens when I put things that aren't on the accepted list in my recycling bin anyway?
When you continue to put non-approved items in your roll cart, it will contaminate the entire load and risk having even the approved items going to the landfill.

What is the trash fee and how much is it?
Beginning October 1, 2018, there was a new fee of $14.80 included on your monthly utility bill. This is a pass-through cost of what Signature Waste charges the City for garbage collection only. By charging for this service, the City can reallocate tax and other revenues to fund much needed infrastructure and operational improvements. 

Can I opt out of the trash fee?
No. Per City Ordinance, failure to pay your full utility bill, which includes the trash collection fee may result in an interruption of water service.

What do I do if my garbage or recycling bins were not emptied on the day of my service?
If  you placed your bin(s) curbside by 5 am on the day of service and they were least 3 feet away from obstacles (including your recycle cart or your neighbors' carts), then call 704-714-9400.