Garbage and Recycling FAQs

What is the new trash fee and how much is it?
Beginning October 1, 2018, you will see a charge of $14.80 included on your monthly utility bill. This is a pass-through cost of what Signature Waste charges the City. By charging for this service, the City can reallocate tax and other revenues to fund much needed infrastructure and operational improvements. 

Can I opt out of the trash fee?
No. Per City Ordinance, failure to pay your full utility bill may result in an interruption of water service.

What do I do if my garbage or recycling bins were not emptied on the day of my service?
If  you placed your bin(s) curbside by 6 am on the day of service and they were least 3 feet away from obstacles, then call 803-548-4108.

How do I get a new sticker for my recycling bin?
Call Signature Waste at 803-548-4108 and they will open a service ticket to replace your sticker on your bin at no cost.

Can I bag my recyclables in a garbage or plastic bag?
No because plastic bags are not recyclable and risk damaging the recycle processing machinery.  

Why does Signature Waste no longer accept glass?
Sonoco, the recycling processing facility used by Signature Waste (and one of the largest nationwide) notified Signature Waste they could no longer accept commingled glass. This is due to there being little to no market for commingled glass, and very little market for sorted glass. See additional information here.

What happens when I put glass in my recycling bin anyway?
When you continue to recycle glass in your Signature Waste bin that glass breaks and can contaminate the entire load. If the contamination rate of a load is too high, the entire truck load goes to the landfill. This is a problem for two reasons: 1) A lot of recyclable material ends up in a landfill, and 2) It costs Signature Waste more than double what it would have if they had taken it directly to the landfill which will result in increased rates. 

Where Can I Recycle Glass?
Although Signature Waste no longer accepts glass, you can still take your glass containers to the Baxter Recycling Center located 1731 Highway 160 Fort Mill, SC.  They are open 7 am - 7 pm Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, closed on Wednesday and Sunday. 

Why have there been several updates to recycling lately?
Recycling contamination is not only a problem for Tega Cay but nationwide. This article highlights some of the issues our country is facing.