Tega Cay Forever


In 2017, City Council recognized the need to fund the ongoing operations and capital improvements of existing city owned parks along with the creation of new facilities in the future.  They did so by creating Tega Cay Forever, a non-profit entity whose sole purpose is formed for the benefit of, to perform the functions of, and to carry out the purposes of the City of Tega Cay, by making periodic distributions for projects and events within the City of Tega Cay in such a manner as to fulfill the mission TEGA CAY FOREVER.  

It is the MISSION of Tega Cay Forever to enhance the quality of life in the City of Tega Cay by promoting and providing parks, open space and community events for citizens of all ages which strengthen and unite our community.  

The organization shall carry on only those activities permitted to be carried on by an organization which is exempt from taxation under the provisions of §501(c)(3) of the Code and by an organization that is described in §509(a)(3) of the Code.

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