South Carolina law enforcement accreditation is a voluntary program for professional improvement, fashioned in ways that best meet local needs while simultaneously expressing commitment to professional law enforcement practices. Accreditation exists to improve the quality and delivery of law enforcement services to the citizens of its communities. 

The police department received initial accreditation status on December 2, 2016. At this time, only 40 of 280 agencies in South Carolina had been Accredited. We are extremely proud of our staff's hard work and dedication to achieving this recognition. 

What does this mean for you? By receiving this accreditation status, our department has demonstrated dedication to excellence and professionalism in South Carolina law enforcement through voluntary compliance to specific state and national standards designed to enhance the professional delivery of law enforcement services. It recognizes our Police Department as a leader in South Carolina law enforcement.  By becoming an accredited agency, the risk and liability to the City is reduced. Not only does it increase our probability of receiving grants, but it places us in a different category making us eligible for greater amounts of grant funding.

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