Tree Removal and Replacement

According to the City of Tega Cay's Code Sec. 22-91 (4), residents must apply for a permit before removing trees on their property. There are no costs associated with tree removal permits.
 Permit Application
 Understory Tree List
 Canopy Tree List
 Tree Contractor List


1) If there is a tree that you want to remove a tree permit must be filed with the City of Tega Cay.  If the tree that is going to be removed is over 4 inches in diameter, measured one foot from the ground.  You must obtain approval via a tree permit prior to the removal of the tree.  There is no fee for a tree permit.

2) You may complete a written permit at City Hall or on our website. Once you are on the website go to “I want to” then “Apply” and then Tree Permit.

3) Please have the tree(s) marked with paint, tape or ribbon and indicate them on the permit.  A general diagram or picture of the tree(s) to be removed is very helpful.

4) The permits will be processed on Tuesdays and Thursdays each week.

5) If you are doing a project such as building a house or installing a pool the tree(s) inside the buildable area should be included in the Land Disturbance Permit. Trees outside the project area will have to be approved with a tree permit.

6) If you are not sure if a tree is on your property, then a property survey can be done to determine the exact boundary. This expense is the responsibility of the property owner.

7) The City of Tega Cay only approves the tree(s) removal, it is the property owner’s responsibility to contact a tree company from our list of contractors with a business license to perform the work.

8) The tree company is responsible for removing the tree parts from the property. 

9) Pruning may be done without a permit as long as it is your tree.