Camp Cadet

The Police Department held their 8th annual week of Camp Cadet in June of 2023! Camp Cadet focuses on 5th, 6th, and 7th graders with the purpose of educating and fostering positive relationships between children and Public Safety officers through an interactive environment. Camp councilors include police officers, firefighters, EMT’s and civilian staff from First Responder agencies.  Daily activities typically include trips to adventure parks, educational trips, and local activities like swimming, basketball, kickball, and football.  Camp Cadet also includes a First Responder education day, where campers get to interact with and view demonstrations from SWAT, the Bomb Squad, Dive Team, K9 units, YCSO Mounted Patrol, Firefighters, and the SLED aviation unit.   Each day of camp the campers are encouraged to focus on, develop and demonstrate highlighted values.  For example, values that have been areas of focus in past Camps include Bravery, Teamwork, Service, Humility, Integrity, Respect, and Kindness.  Each year we look forward to meeting our new set of Campers and watching them develop over the course of the week.  Camp Cadet is funded strictly through donations and is free of cost to attendees.

The 9th annual Camp Cadet will be held June 2024. The camp will be limited in total participants. Campers will be required to have a letter of recommendation from a sponsor. This camp will be free in cost as it will be funded entirely by donations. To be a supporter, please click here.

**Proceeds go to the TCPD Camp Cadet Program as well as a worthy cause to be determined by a group of non-partial volunteers. Camp Cadet is a 501(C)3 organization.**

Camp Cadet 2021
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