Aluminum Cans for Kids

Have you ever looked at that pile of aluminum cans in your garage or on your deck and wondered what to do with them…other than taking them to the recycle center?  We here at the Tega Cay Fire Department have a GREAT place for them! Bring them to our aluminum can recycle trailer.  The Fire Department has been collecting cans for about 20 years and ALL proceeds from the cans go to South Carolina Burned Children’s Fund.  The money raised from recycling the aluminum cans goes towards the cost of sending burned children to Camp ‘Can’ Do.  This is a fantastic place that the children who have been burned can go and have a once in a life time experience and the money raised from recycling aluminum cans pays for it all.  The purpose of Camp ‘Can’ Do is to provide a fun, residential camping experience for children, ages six to seventeen, that have been treated for a serious burn injury. Camp ‘Can’ Do provides a safe, supportive, fun outdoor environment and a variety of social, recreational, and educational activities for campers.  Camp activities may include fishing, swimming, boating and canoeing, games, ropes courses, arts and crafts, entertainment, a dance party, field trips, firefighter relay games, and much more.

Camp ‘Can’ Do provides opportunities for personal growth, increased self-esteem, and development of leadership skills. The goal is to provide a camp where children and teens can play and have fun with others who have shared similar medical experiences. Camp Goals include:

  • To provide a unique exciting, fun-filled experience for the campers
  • To convey to each camper the feeling that he/she is a unique and valuable human being
  • To emphasize the positive contributions of everyone. Each camper is a winner if he/she does their best with the abilities that they have.

At Camp ‘Can’ Do the children…

  • Receive unconditional love and acceptance
  • Have a fun-filled summer camp experience
  • Are just like all the other kids at camp
  • Make new friends and begin life-long relationships
  • Are inspired by the other children
  • Have positive role models and mentors
  • Have a safe place to heal emotional scars
  • Realize that they ‘Can Do’ anything!

One would never think that something as simple as recycling aluminum cans could make such a difference.  Please bring all of your aluminum cans to us here at the Fire Station and drop them off in the can trailer in the parking lot.  We thank you and we know the children thank you!

Aluminum Can Trailer