From The Desk of Chief Scott...

     BIG THINGS ARE HAPPENING! Our new station opened in July 2017 and the EMT program is in full swing.  

    How to properly pull over for emergency vehicles:
    We have noticed there seems to be some confusion as what to do with your vehicle when an emergency vehicle is approaching you or coming up behind you.  The easiest thing to do is to slow down and pull over to the RIGHT SAFELY.  Not to the left or in the center lane, to the right.  Please do not come to a dead stop especially without checking your side view and rear view mirrors.  Try not to pull into the middle lane.  Emergency vehicles use this as a 'bail out lane' in the case of the need for a quick defensive action.  When in doubt, slow down, check your mirrors and pull to the right as safely as possible.  This includes when you are meeting an emergency vehicle as well.

    Burning in City limits:

    There has also been some confusion about outdoor burning in the City limits.  Here is the City of Tega Cay ordinances regarding outdoor burning:

    • Sec. 34-46. - Burning.

    It shall be unlawful to ignite or burn any trash, grass, brush, leaves, or combustible materials, or causing to be burned including, containerized burning for purposes of heat for construction workers, within the corporate limits of the city. However, a permit obtained from the fire chief serving the city, for a controlled, contained and observable burning, characteristic of a recreation, service organization, or municipal use is allowed. This section does not apply to residential property where a fire for individual pleasure is contained in an outdoor fireplace, fire bowl, fire pit, or chiminea.