Preventing Theft of Mail

Here are some helpful tips to help keep you from being a victim of mail theft.
  • Don't leave outgoing mail in your unlocked mailbox
  • Deposit outgoing mail at the post office, either inside or in one of the blue collection boxes.
  • Make sure your mailbox is in good condition. Mailboxes in poor condition often expose mail to theft and bad weather. Your local postmaster can advise you on current postal regulations and steps you can take to improve the condition of your mailbox.
  • Promptly pick up your "incoming" mail once it is delivered in your mailbox.
  • Consider having regular income checks deposited electronically right into your bank account via Direct Deposit. It's easy and in most cases, it's free! Contact your bank for details.
  • Pay your bills online instead of mailing checks that have your account and routing information on them.
  • If you have to mail a check, write out the full name of the payee and put a note in the memo portion of the check as to what the check is for. Fill up the entire line when writing either with letters or a line so that someone can't change who or what the check is for. Use dark ink (red ink is best) to write your checks. Never send cash or coins through the mail.
  • Promptly report non-receipt of credit cards, checks and other valuable mail to the senders.
  • Immediately notify the post office and mailers if your change your address. If you are going on vacation, notify the post office, or have a trusted friend or neighbor pick up your mail promptly after delivery.
  • Be observant of activities on your street, including those near your letter carrier, his or her postal vehicle, residential mailboxes and collection boxes.
  • Immediately report any suspicious persons or activity by calling 9-1-1 while suspects are still present.
The Postal Service pays rewards up to $10,000 for information and services leading to the arrest and conviction of mail thieves. Report suspicious information to Postal Inspectors, 24-hours a day, at (877) 876-2455.