May Letter from the Mayor

Dear Fellow Resident,
Some of you have been asking questions about the newly installed traffic signal at the intersection of Shoreline Parkway and Tega Cay Dr. Below is an overview of events that have taken place since 2011.

As you know, Tega Cay Drive is a State road. In 2011, SCDOT conducted a traffic study at the intersection of Tega Cay Dr. and Shoreline Parkway. At that time, the intersection met 2 of the 3 warrants for signalization. They asked the City to participate in the cost and City Council declined, stating they would not participate in funding a light at that intersection. With this decision, the City was able to delay the installation of the light by 3 years.

In 2014, a Traffic Impact Analysis (TIA) was performed by a traffic engineer to study the new conditions of the intersection with the addition of the school and the proposed development across from the school. As in 2011, the analysis showed that warrant 2 and 3 were met based on 2014 existing conditions. To determine if warrant 1 was met, SCDOT conducted a 6 hour observation across multiple weeks. Tega Cay Dr. had between 1,006 and 1,569 vehicle trips per hour. Shoreline Pkwy had between 99 vph and 296 vph. Thresholds for this warrant are 1,000 vph on the primary road in the intersection and 100 for the minor intersecting road. Therefore, it was determined the intersection needed signalization under current conditions. We did ask SCDOT to look at a potential traffic circle at Shoreline Pkwy and Tega Cay Dr. Based on it being 35 mph and two lanes, we would have lost the parking lot in front of City Hall, the pond/fountain, the Lakeshore sign and a small portion of the Memorial Gardens. We obviously asked them to no longer consider that option.

The stop light does have pressure sensors which makes it primarily green for traffic on Tega Cay Dr. When there are vehicles waiting to turn onto or off of Shoreline Parkway or to turn out of City Hall, the light will turn red for Tega Cay Dr. It will be programmed as a 30 second traffic light, which should have low impact on the interruption of traffic flow during peak travel times, similar to the crossing guards.

In order for River Falls to receive a curb cut on Gold Hill Rd. from SCDOT, their own TIA shows they had to make improvements to the intersection at Shoreline and Tega Cay Dr. It is important to note that even if the developer did not build, the TIA shows that the numbers exceed the threshold for signalization at that intersection. The developer for River Falls has paid for 50% of the cost of the traffic light and crosswalks and SCDOT has funded the other 50%. SCDOT will begin painting the new turn lanes and crosswalks this week. The lights should be operational soon and once they are, they will be flashing for a few days before they begin operating normally. This is standard protocol with new traffic lights according to SCDOT.

I would also like to take this opportunity to let you know that when Pennies for Progress completes Hubert Graham Way (intersecting Gold Hill Rd. just past the school and traveling over to Stonecrest Blvd) in late 2016/early 2017, there will be a traffic light at its intersection with Gold Hill Rd. It will have a traffic circle at its intersection with Stonecrest Blvd.