Monthly Safety Message

With the incredible heat and humidity that we are having in our area, here's some information to help get thru these super hot days.
​According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, heat causes about 400 deaths each year in the U.S.  Among those most at risk from heat-related illnesses are the elderly, people with chronic illnesses, homebound people and children under 5.  Don't let this fool you, this month, a gentleman passed away from heat related illness at the age of 55 in Riverwalk in Rock Hill, SC.  The State saw 11 heat-related deaths in 2015, according to DHEC.


​-The signs of heat cramps are painful spasms, often in the legs or abdomen

​-With heat exhaustion, the skin might feel cool and clammy or moist and might be pale or appear flushed.  You also might get a headache, nausea or fell weak and dizzy.

​--The signs of heatstroke are red, hot, dry skin and confusion or loss of consciousness; rapid, weak pulse; rapid , shallow breathing.  The heat stroke victim has lost the ability to sweat, which is why the skin will be hot and dry.


​-The very first thing is to get out of the heat, even if it is just going to a shady spot.

​Apply cool, wet towels and drink cool water.



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